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What is Mortgage Origination for Purchases & why does it require the Help of Our INVIS: The Siemens Group Mortgage Brokers?

In recent years, mortgage origination for purchases has become an increasing complex process. Unsure of what exactly mortgage origination is? In simple terms, mortgage origination is exactly what you may have already guessed: the beginning of a mortgage application process, facilitated with the help of a broker, banker, and/or lender.

Going through the mortgage origination for purchases process is extremely ill-advised, but with the right mortgage specialists, like the ones found at INVIS: The Siemens Group, you can save yourself from the many stresses of navigating through the new complex guidelines on your own.

Even now, many rules continue to change in mortgage origination that can impact whether borrowers get the financing they are expecting. In addition, there is increasing pressure in the market to reduce or illuminate conditions in the offer to purchase that are meant to protect the buyer. As a result, purchasers are exposed to risks in their financing, even if the borrower is already pre-approved.

We recommend watching out for the following areas:

  • Previous grow-op opportunities

  • Properties with oil tanks that have not been decommissioned

  • Down payments coming from outside Canada

  • Knob and tube electrical

  • Title deficiencies

Contact our mortgage experts at INVIS: The Siemens Group to find out more about we can help you meet the intricate demands of the ever-changing mortgage origination regulations. Our mortgage brokers are not only independent, but also fully licensed and will research the entire market before offering you the best solution. Contact our mortgage brokers in Vancouver, BC, at 604 351 7438 or toll free at 1 888 961 7438.


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