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Newcomers to Canada who do not yet have their permanent resident status have access to financing with as little as 5% down to purchase their primary residence in Canada, provided they are able to verify that they have either their landed immigrant status or a valid work permit and the lender is able to confirm their income, either through a salary or a wage position with guaranteed hours. In order to provide a credit history, borrowers who are new to Canada from countries other than the United States are typically asked to supply a banker's report to confirm their credit worthines, and may be asked to provide additional documents to verify creditworthiness such as confirmation of their mortgage or rent payments being made as agreed or other bill payments.

If you have not secured employment in Canada or plan to continue to work outside of Canada, we can still frequently arrange financing up to 65% of the price of the home, and on occasion we can have this extended to 75% of the home’s price. Give us a call to discuss your situation.

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