Understand A Reverse Mortgage

INVIS -The Siemens Group Explains Whether Reverse Mortgage for Estate Planning is Right for You

There are many creative uses for a reverse mortgage including funding for healthcare/medical treatments, asset protection, and estate planning strategies. If you do not know what a reverse mortgage is, it basically provides homeowners with a loan that defers their payments until they move out, sell their homes, or die.

Unlike a typical mortgage, a reverse mortgage does not require you to make monthly payments. Instead, any payments that are not made will be added to your loan’s total balance. With the proper guidance from a professional mortgage broker, like our fully licensed team at INVIS- The Siemens Group, seniors can equalize their incomes and receive welfare benefits over time.

If you are currently living in Canada and are 62 years old or over, you might be eligible to reap the benefits of a reverse mortgage for your estate planning. However, you should be wary of scams as many companies embellish reverse mortgages because they often provide misleading advertisements and neglect to guide their customers through the complex process.

Contact INVIS -The Siemens Group today by phone at 604 351 7438 or toll free at 1 888 961 7438 to learn more about reverse mortgages and if they are the right choice for you. Our independent mortgage broker specialists care about your needs and will help you with any of your mortgage needs.

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