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Vancouver Mortgage Broker, Invis - The Siemens Group, Explains How Your Home Hunting Process Should Evolve with the Seasons
 February 2 2017     Posted by Siemens Group

Shopping for a home in the cooler months requires a unique strategy. Compared with the warmer months, there are more opportunities for the proactive buyer. It could be the ideal time to begin the home purchase process alongside your  Vancouver mortgage broker. But if you’re considering buying property, your strategy should be devised specifically for the season. In this latest post, our team here at Invis – The Siemens Group explain how to refine your home hunting strategy this winter.

Be Prepared to Go to Homes After Work

One of the leading challenges of home shopping during the winter season is the limited light available in the early evening. To gain the competitive edge over other homebuyers, you should try to visit homes in the evening as darkness falls. This will show the seller that you’re motivated and will give you the opportunity to make a lasting connection as you look for the perfect home. You can still visit the home in the daylight at the weekend to get a full insight on the neighbourhood and the exterior areas of the property.

Don’t Let the Cooler Weather Put You Off

In the winter time, the buyer that braves the cooler weather is more likely to find their ideal home. You’ll face far less competition if you’re able to visit potential properties during the wintery weather. Make sure you’re prepared for house hunting in winter by bundling up in coats, hats, and scarves. You should also make sure your vehicle’s tires are in optimal condition to ensure you can effectively navigate the winter roads when seeking out your new home.

Recalibrate Your Home Assessment Expectations

In the summer time, you’ll be able to see all areas of the yard and the roofing space with no obstacles blocking your view. But in wintertime, you might not be able to gain full visibility into the value of the home. There might be snow covering the roof and yard spaces. It might also be difficult to judge the home’s level of natural light, as the light levels dissipate earlier in the day. When visiting the home, ask the seller if they have pictures of the property during the summer and spring seasons. This should give you the information you need to make the right purchase choice before working with your Vancouver mortgage broker  on financing.

Check Home Appliance Performance

The winter weather will give you the chance to check how well the home performs in cooler temperatures. Does the heating system work to peak performance? Are there draughts coming from the areas around doors and windows? These are questions that can be effectively answered during your walkthrough of the home this winter.

Book your next consultation with a leading local Vancouver mortgage broker through Invis – The Siemens Group. Our team is available now to help you begin the winter home buying process and guide you in building the ideal purchase strategy. Call now at 604-351-7438.

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