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Get Into Canadian Real Estate For As Little As $1
 June 8 2021     Posted by Siemens Group

Get Into Canadian Real Estate For As Little As $1

As you are most likely aware, real estate has been a hot commodity this spring.  This can be frustrating for those not yet in the market yet hoping to own a piece of the real estate pie. What if there was a way to invest in real estate without the large down payment required to purchase on your own?  Good News: There is an innovative way of participating in the real estate market in Canada without competing offers, without having to have a lot of cash. While you cannot move into the real estate asset, you can put a small amount of cash to work from what would otherwise be sitting in your chequing account and begin your real estate investment journey. We interviewed the founders of addy to learn about their innovative real estate approach. (full disclosure… I’ve been impressed with this concept and I have invested some funds into addy as well).

addy is on a mission to enable every human to be a homeowner

Vancouver tech company addy provides a unique opportunity for Canadians to be able to invest in real estate THEY PICK for an amount that fits their budget. addy sources investment opportunities typically reserved for the wealthy, divides that investment into equal parts (for example a $500,000 investment would be divided up into 500,000 units) and then sells those units to ordinary investors for as little as $1.

addy doesn't charge any of the fees you find in typical real estate transactions. Instead, for $25 per year, you get an all-access pass to every investment opportunity that addy offers (with a 100% moneyback guarantee). The company is changing the game so that literally everyone has a chance to get into the market.

Join thousands of Canadians already investing in quality real estate across the country. Earn passive income and share in the joy of ownership!  

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